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修复您的 swhk.dll 错误

由于考虑到安全问题,此文件不提供下载。我们仅提供有关如何修复该特定 DLL 问题的信息。

修复您的 swhk.dll 错误

[2015-05-21] Support says;

swhk.dll is used by a program called SmartWeb/smartwebhelper, from a company called SoftBrain Technologies), and is considered to be a "Potentially Unwanted Application/Program".

While not technically a virus, PUA's/PUP's can be annoying. They can cause pop-us, redirect your browser traffic, change your default search, track your browsing, and other behavior. Often installed un-intentionally by users as they often piggy back with other software that you installed.

Un-install any program called smartweb, or recently installed software that you have not intentionally installed to resolve issue.