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修复您的 enginelde.dll 错误

由于考虑到安全问题,此文件不提供下载。我们仅提供有关如何修复该特定 DLL 问题的信息。

修复您的 enginelde.dll 错误

The file Enginelde.dll has been reported missing for various reasons. Most reports regarding this file are in conjunction with cracks and hackware for different programs. We have as yet been unable to locate a single verified version of this file and all evidence leads to the conclusion that it does not exist. Typically the user downloads some program, but is confronted witha 'file missing error' after installing. The user is directed directed to a page where supposedly this missing file can be accessed. However, all "downloads" for this file come with demands such as "Like our page", "Share our page", "fill out this survey, so that we get paid" etc.

This is a typical survey/ad-scam for the page owner to get money without actually providing the promised service. It is also very common (but not always) in these cases that the original 'program' downloaded comes with it's own inbuilt malware that has, at this point, already infected your computer. Our recommendation is to immediately remove the program from your computer and then make sure that your system is safe.


Apparently, an alleged emulator, claiming to be able to emulate and play XBOX360, needs a file named enginelde.dll .

From what we have been able to find, this "xbox 360 emulator" program is fake, and no matter if you would be able to find a file named enginelde.dll or not, you would not be able to emulate XBOX 360 on a PC.