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修复您的 cryea.dll 错误

由于考虑到安全问题,此文件不提供下载。我们仅提供有关如何修复该特定 DLL 问题的信息。

修复您的 cryea.dll 错误

[ support, 20140812]

Since all the CryEA.dll files we have been able to find, have all been ladened with virus/malware/trojans according to , we have chosen to not make this file available for download.

According to sources "cryea.dll missing problem occurs when a cracked .dll file is blocked by antivirus software and moved to quarantine".

If you have a legitimate copy of Crysis and your CryEA.dll is removed by your Antivirus, either re-install with AV deactivated, or mark this file as safe/excluded from scan.