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C++ application development framework.

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如何安装 qtcore4.dll=

使用 qtcore4.dll Fixer

  1. 下载 qtcore4.dll Fixer。
  2. 运行下载的 dff_fpo-qtcore4.exe 文件。
  3. 等待安装完成。
  4. 安装完成后,修复程序会自动启动(如果你的电脑比较老,可能需要等待几分钟)。如果你的计算机上运行有安全软件(Comodo、ESET、Norton等),你可能会看到警告信息说 DLL-files Fixer 正试图连接到互联网并且/或者对你的计算机作出改动。这是因为修复程序需要联系我们的服务器以下载正确的 qtcore4.dll 文件,将其安装到 Windows 系统文件夹,然后更改 Windows 注册表。你需要允许修复程序作出这些改动,否则故障可能无法顺利修复。
  5. 当修复程序将 qtcore4.dll 安装到你的计算机后,一般来说由于 qtcore4.dll 导致的错误信息就会不再出现!你还可以看到用于扫描计算机,检查是否存在错误的选项。我们建议你进行一下扫描。试用版的修复程序可以解决找到的最多15个额外的错误。随后你还可以升级到完整版,价格仅为 $29.95,随后即可修复无限数量个错误信息,并下载不限数量的 DLL 文件。

使用压缩文件 (针对高级用户)

打开您从 下载的 zip 压缩文件。

解压缩 qtcore4.dll 到您的计算机。我们推荐您直接解压缩到需求 qtcore4.dll 文件的程序所在的文件夹中。

如果无法正常工作,您需要解压缩 qtcore4.dll 到您的系统文件夹。默认情况下:

  • C:\Windows\System (Windows 95/98/Me)
  • C:\WINNT\System32 (Windows NT/2000)
  • C:\Windows\System32 (Windows XP, Vista, 7)

如果您使用 64 位 Windows,您需要将 qtcore4.dll 放入至C:\Windows\SysWOW64\




  1. 打开 Windows 开始菜单,并选择“运行...”。
  2. 键入 CMD 并按下 Enter(或者如果您使用 Windows ME,请键入 COMMAND)。
  3. 键入 regsvr32 qtcore4.dll 并按下 Enter. Wiki 内容=

Edit this wiki page


This page is the wiki page for the file Qtcore4.dll.

To have a better community on, we would be happy if you could contribute in giving better instructions on how to solve errors/problems related to Qtcore4.dll. By clicking on Edit link, you can change the content of this wiki page by following the given guidelines.

This is an example for giving a guide on how should look like a wiki content for this specific file.

Qtcore4.dll - description for the file goes here.

The most common occurring error messages caused by problems with :

• "Qtcore4.dll Not Found." (example)

• "This application has failed to start because Qtcore4.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.(example)"

• "..."

Most common reasons related to the file Qtcore4.dll occurring when ....


A qtcore4.dll error related to DaemonProcess.exe seems to be linked to the Android app/backup manager Mobogenie, for linking your smartphone and your PC. If you didn't consciously install this product it is possible it was accessed if you connected your phone to your computer for charging. I assume that the strange behavior is not intended for the software and stems from a corrupted installation.

To get rid of this error:

Uninstall Mobogenie from your control panel.

If this is not possible (corruption causes the uninstall entry to be gone), first delete the Mobogenie folder in your C:\Program Files\ directory. Then remove the startup entry.

How to remove the Startup entry:

Win XP, VISTA, 7: Press "Windows"-key + "R" to bring up the "Run" dialogue. In "Run" dialogue type "msconfig" and hit Enter Under the tab "Startup", uncheck any boxes relating to Mobogenie or DaemonProcess.exe .

Win 8: Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC at the same time to bring up the Task Manager. Under the tab "Start-up", uncheck any boxes relating to these files Mobogenie or DaemonProcess.exe .

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