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  • 解决你遇到的 d3dx9_27.dll 错误。
  • 修复并优化您的 Windows 注册表
  • 防止您的应用软件或电脑发生死机


  • 1 个 DLL 文件错误
  • 15 个 Windows 注册表错误

若想修复无限数量的 DLL 文件与 Windows 注册表错误,请获取付费版本,价格仅 $29.95

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Windows 98
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d3dx9_27.dll 的维基内容

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D3dx9_27.dll related errors are common while trying to run applications that require “Microsoft DirectX” to be displayed properly. Most errors are caused while trying to run games because games are the most frequent applications that require “Microsoft DirectX”. Other applications that utilize “Microsoft DirectX” are advanced graphic applications such as AutoCAD and other wise.

The most common occurring error messages caused by problems with D3dx9_27.dll:

•"The file d3dx9_27.dll is missing".

•"Cannot find d3dx9_27.dll".

•"The file d3dx9_27.dll was not found."

•"The dynamic link library d3dx9_27.dll could not be found in the specified path [PATH]."

•"D3DX9_27.DLL is missing. Replace D3DX9_27.DLL and try again."

•"Error initializing the application because the file d3dx9_27.dll was not found."

•"The application failed to start because d3dx9_27.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

D3dx9_27.dll errors are associated with problems with “Microsoft DirectX” due to the fact that D3dx9_27.dll is one of many files that are required to function and to be in its right place, in order for “Microsoft DirectX” to work properly.

By downloading and reinstall the D3dx9_27.dll-file you can solve your problems that are caused by the malfunctioning file. Most of Microsoft “Windows” operating systems could be affected by an error caused by D3dx9_27.dll and the universal solution is to download a new D3dx9_27.dll-file.

If it for some reason doesn't work by just replacing the file, you might need to reinstall DirectX 9. You can find that on Microsofts own website here:

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